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Vessels for Hire

Broussard Brothers offers your company one of the most impressive fleets in the marine construction and towing industries. All our vessels are maintained in excellent condition to ensure safety and efficiency on every project we undertake.


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Tugboats, Rentals, and Towing

Our tugboats range from 600 HP to 2000 HP and are utilized for towing, rig tending, and construction. We provide tugs to support drilling rigs both inland and in the Gulf of Mexico. Our larger tugs tow rigs from one location to another as well as transport cargo.

Crew Boat Rentals

We offer crew boats for rent up to 48 feet in length. Our boats are licensed to transport crew sizes up to 28 in inland water and the Gulf of Mexico.

Inland Deck Boats

Jacob Glenn Inland Crew Boat

Jacob Glenn

Mr. Charlie Inland Crew Boat

Mr. Charlie

Offshore Crew Boats

Terry Lynn Offshore Crew Boat

Terry Lynn

Barge Rentals

Broussard Brothers also offers a wide range of barges, including deck, shale, liquid mud, keyway, ramp, yoke, and spud barges.

BB-100 Keyway Barge

Keyway Barge BB-100

Keyway Barge BB-101

BB-9 Shale Barge

Shale Barge

BB-48 Spud-Barge

Spud Barge

BB-33 Liquid Mud Barge

Liquid Mud Barge

BB-46 Ramp Barge

Ramp Barge

BB-44 Deck Barge

Deck Barge

Quality Marine Construction & Towing Vessels

Licensed Captains

All Broussard Brothers vessels have licensed captains, including several who have more than 30 years of experience. We provide experienced crews who undergo rigorous safety training covering all aspects of the job to ensure safe operations as well as environmental responsibility.

Subchapter M Compliance

To help ensure the highest standards of safety, Broussard Brothers is also working on getting all our tugboats Subchapter M compliant – a process that is ongoing but well worth the time and investment.

Peggy Ann Towing Vessel

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