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Laying Ocean Pipeline

Range of Services

At Broussard Brothers, our marine construction services cover the entire spectrum – from pad construction to production construction, pipeline construction, decommissioning, and more. We have the experience and expertise to handle everything from the smallest job to extremely large and complex projects – while always staying focused on quality and safety.

Our marine pipeline capabilities range from 2” to 30” pipe and from marshland up to a depth of 30 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Some of the marine construction services we routinely perform include:

  • Facility Construction, Including Repair, and Maintenance

  • Construction, Including Repair and Maintenance, of Any Size and Length of Pipeline in the Marsh, Bays, and Shallow Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

  • Pipeline Excavation, Repair, Lowering, Burial, and Hydro-Testing

  • Caisson Services

  • Installation of Shallow Water Drilling Locations, Including Limestone Pads, Clusters, and Keyways

  • Complete Well Hook-Ups, Including the Installation of Inland Platforms, Shallow Water Jackets, and Decks

  • Installation of Dock Facilities With Steel Bulkheads and Dolphin Pilings

  • Bank Stabilization Such As Rip-Rap and Cement Mats

  • Dredging and Levee Construction

Crane Barges

Our crane barges range in capacity from 30 tons to 250 tons, which allows us to handle even the largest jobs such as compressor installations and removals.

BB 3 Crane Barge

BB-3 | 30 Ton

BB-10 Crane Barge

BB-10 | 100 Ton

BB-57 Crane Barge

BB-57 | 150 Ton

BB-60 Crane Barge

BB-60 | 150 Ton

BB-80 Crane Barge

BB-80 | 150 Ton

BB-90 Crane Barge

BB-90 | 250 Ton

Pipeline Barge

We also have the capability to lay, jet, and bury pipeline simultaneously, as well as the ability to do multiple lines at the same time. Over the years, we have installed pipelines of various sizes and lengths in the inland waters and marshlands of Texas and Louisiana and near the coastal waters of Louisiana and Alabama.

BB-70 Pipeline Barge

BB-70 | Pipeline

Material Handling

We also have the capability to move 1009 tons per hour, satisfying even the most demanding port handling and industrial applications.

Sennebogen 875R HD Material Handler

Sennebogen 875R HD | Material Handling

Experienced Professionals

Just as important as the services we provide is the quality of our personnel and equipment. Broussard Brothers offers you a team of highly experienced professionals who have many years of hands-on expertise and in-depth knowledge of the marine construction industry. By combining excellent personnel with quality equipment that is always well maintained, we are able to complete projects safely, efficiently, and on time.

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